Friday, March 11, 2011

Zebra Party!

Kellys Korner is doing Show us Your Kids Bday Parties so I thought I would join in! I never thought of doing zebra for a first birthday party but I fell in love with an outfit on etsy that was zebra and, of course,the party had to match her outfit! Planning a first birthday was alsmost as stressful as planning my wedding! My sweet husband who like the "simple" things in life would just smile and shake his head as I was planning. His project was a slide show of her first year and it was so sweet. The songs we used were. Hey Baby (they play that at the football games and has always made her smile) amd My Girl. I was proud because I made most of teh decorations myself...with a lot of help from my aunt. My favorite decoration was a banner that had her picture for every month of her life and yes, I cried when I was done with it! My favorite project was the cupcake tier that I made... it was so easy and turned out super cute! Her second birthday will be this summer so I guess I need to start planning! I have a feeling it may be scaled back a little! haha I think I was softer colors and maybe a cupcake theme for #2.. Any ideas??


  1. Very cute! We had something simular for my daughters birthday party.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I hope you will find something you can use. I have been having off days lately, but hope to be back on track soon.

  3. Your Bailey is adorable!!! I love the zebra print with Bailey's room is done in it!! So cool :)