Friday, March 4, 2011

Bailey Thursday

Even though I am a working mom, I am very lucky to only work 4 days a week. I get my day off which is usually a Thursday. I call this my stay at home mom day. My friend Jessica is expecting her first baby and found out Wednesday she was having a BOY!! She had a little "cough" on Thursday and couldn't go to work so she joined Bailey and I consignment sale shopping. We had the best time! I didn't get any "oh my gosh" clothes for Bailey but I did ok. Pajamas and play clothes for $3, I will defintely take. She got some great deals on little boy clothes. Looking at the baby clothes made me itch a little bit for another! I told Ben that and he said it makes him itch too but more like an allergic reaction itch!! We had lunch at a little meat and three in Franklin called Puckett's. It was incredible! I got home just in time for Bailey to nap and for me to get some housework done. We did go to a baby boutique in Franklin while we were out and I had Bailey in the stroller not paying attention to her and all of a sudden I hear BOWS BOWS BOWS! Bailey saw a rack of bows and had to let me know! She had the whole store cracking up as I explained I have created a little monster!

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