Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patty's Day!!

It's St Patty's Day and I'm off work. I had this day planned where I would dress bailey in her cute outfit and take her to ben's office and tehn we would go to lunch. The, ben found out UK plays at 1:45 today si he is leaving work early!! There goes my plans! Bailey's grandparents are coming over to watch the game today so at least they can enjoy her in her cute outfit! We aren't big on corned beef ad cabbage so I think we are going to go with Spinach Dip and cookies!! It is gorgeous here today so we may try to get Daddy to take us to the park after the game! Everyone have a great day and GO CATS!!

This time last year... Sniff sniff

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  1. Saw you were over at my blog so I thought I would come say hello. Amazing how quick they grow isn't it? Can't believe my youngest is six months old already. I think it was the fastest six months of my entire life!