Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The "Rotation"

I love looking for and trying new recipes! It's very hard for me because my husband is the pickiest eater ever!! No beans, no onions,no fish and pretty much no vegetables. Do you ever have one of those nights that you cook something new and your family loves it? I always ask Ben if it gets put on the rotation. Our Friday meal was one of those, Spinach Cream Cheese Lasagna. I found the recipe off of Faithful Provisions I added some ground turkey to it to keep my husband from freaking out at the "green stuff." He ate it, the baby ate it, and I ate it until we were stuffed..Then, we ate it the next day for leftovers!!! Unheard of in our house! Now, do you ever have those nights that you cook dinner and you think you would be better off throwing it in the trash and going to Wendy's?? That was our last night. I didn't get home until 6 and we were all hungry. I had laid pork chops out which we usually grill but it was raining so I decided to pan fry them. I guess I let it sit too long because I was peeling potatoes so when I put the pork chops in the pan, they started smoking. Then I was going to make mashed potatoes so I decided that I could peel them, cut them, and put them in the microwave. They didn't cook right and I couldn't even mash them up. I've been getting into the organic craze a little lately so I made Annie's Mac and Cheese. It was good but nothing compared to some Velveeta Mac n Cheese. So, last night, we had burnt pork chops, lumpy potatoes, and mediocre mac n cheese. Too pitiful for even a picture! Tonight is Taco Turkey night with Rotel dip so I know it will be a good dinner night!!

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  1. That looks really yummy!! :) If you want to try a sample of Shaklee, just email me your address! :) erin.branscom(at)gmail.com