Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Party

Bailey's birthday party was on Saturday and we had a great time. Thursday, her actual birthday, her and I went to meet Ben at work and then to lunch at Blackstone in Nashville. She had her favorite lunch of grilled cheese and fries. She entertained everyone at his office. We then had a small party at my Aunt Carol's house. She had a castle cake there and opened a few gifts. Saturday was the big day.. Carol and I worked ourselves to death on Friday preparing and Saturday, Ben and I took Bailey to Aunt Carol's so we could get everything ready and she could nap well. Putting her pictures up that morning, I had a breakdown.. I saw her Christmas tutu and I just can't believe my baby is 1! We went to Julia' Bakery to get the cupcakes and smash cake. When I looked at the smash cake there, I cried also! It was just too perfect! We did a zebra theme and the smash cake matched perfectly. We worked all day Saturday until time for the party to start. In the end, everyone had a great time and Bailey was the perfect birthday girl! She tore into her smash cake and opened her presents. She loved playing with the kids at the party.. She is a very social baby girl! So Bailey, happy Birthday sweet girl! Your mommy and daddy love you SOOOOO much!

Showing everyone who is in charge
Playing with her car from her granparents

We love this girl
Best smash cake ever!

Opening presents
Giving Maddy a kiss..
Bailey and her friend Roland

Her birthday Banner- 12 months of Bailey
The food table
The tent

Her Tiffany piggy bank

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  1. Please bear with me for a minute while I retrieve my kleenex. YOU and Ben have an extradionary daughter! I am always amazed!!And say, did my kids do that? I am at Carol's a lot and I am very impressed how well Carol takes care of her. Carol loves that little princess more than anything. Carol is so gentle and caring with her. I can see the joy in Carol's eyes as she goes about her day. I am over with Carol's alot and I enjoy just sitting and watching Bailey as she runs around the house, doing things that make me roll my eyes in amazement. I know Sandy, Bill & Abigail are crazy about Bailey, too. And lets not leave out Grandma. To have a great granddaughter like Bailey would make anyone happy. I know I must sign off. I could fill up this whole computer with comments on Bailey but I think everyone knows what a little princess she is. Thank you God for making a lot of people happy when you gave this child to a wonderful couple. I believe I saw a quote on one of your walls,that said, "It all started when two people
    fell in love". God Bless your family. May you have many happy days with your sweet little girl whom I love so much.