Friday, August 20, 2010

Day at the fair!!!

Bailey meeting the piggys
The piggy meeting Bailey
Petting the horse
Bailey always takes time to smile for the camera
Talking it over with Daddy

The clouds
The aftermath

We took Bailey to her first fair Saturday night and it was well.....eventful!! We got there around 5 and made our way to the petting zoo. My brother and nephew went with us. Ethan is 7 and was so excited for a night at the fair. We got to see rabbits, turkies, and chickens and, while in that tent, the rain started. It only lasted for about 10 minutes and Ethan was wanting to see the pigs so we made our way to that tent. bailey loved the animals and the pigs especially liked her! She was running through the pen doing her pig snort. It was so cute! Ethan wanted to ride some rides so we went to that area and as soon as Ben and Ethan got on a ride, the bottom fell out of the sky! It stormed so bad. We got under a concession stand to avoid the rain, which it did not. There came a point where we were already soaked so we decided just to go to the car. We couldn't get any wetter than we already were! The way there I talked how Ben always parks to leave a place, not to go to a place. He parks close to the road so he can get out. Tim and Ethan loved hearing me fuss all the way back about how wonderful it was that we were parked near the road!! We were miserable but laughed the whole way. We will always remember Bailey's first fair!

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