Friday, May 20, 2011

Cincinnati Trip

It has been such a busy week but I have to write about our trip over the weekend to Cincinnati. Ben's little brother graduated from Xavier University and we went down for the festivities. We drove down Friday and got there in time for a ceremony at the church. It was a beautiful church and probaby 1,000 people were there. Lucky for us, Chris reserved us a seat....on the front row...with a 8:00. I was a nervous wreck but she actually did well. She just wanted to talk back to the speakers because, of course, they were talking to her. We got up Saturday morning for graduation at 9 and my sweet girl sat through another 2 1/2 hours of graduation. After a 2 hour lunch, which she fell asleep in my lap for, we decided to take her to the Newport Aquarium. She had a blast. She would run from one exhibit to the next saying hi fishie..bye fishie. She was such a good girl. I am so spastic though. On the trip home, I was talking about how good she was and how easy it is because we can still do whatever we did before because she just goes with the flow and how I'm not ready for another for awhile. I just want to enjoy this. The same day, we got back and I headed to the grocery and there was a little baby in a cart that was about 5 months old. She had those sweet fat legs that my baby had and I got tears in my eyes thinking of how I miss my baby and want another.. I'm weird sometimes...or maybe I am just female :) Pics to come soon!

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