Friday, September 3, 2010


This was us at the game last year

And now..what a difference a year makes!
Fall is here..well kind of! We went to the first football game of the season last night. Ben and I both graduated from Middle Tennessee State University and we love to support the team as alumni and new Althletic Association members. I received my Bachelors from there and Ben received his Bachelors and MBA from there. Last year, Bailey went to all the games with us and it was so easy. She was in her Baby Bjorn the whole time and sat there. Well, this year she is walking so I was a little nervous. She did great! The first time everyone jumped up and screamed she got a little upset but by the end , she was giving her Daddy high fives! She fell asleep for about 20 minutes and woke up ready to go! She didn't get in bed until 10:30 last night. She slept in a little this morning and was ready to go! Unfortunately, we lost 24-17 but it was a great game to watch! We are headed to Chattanooga this weekend for a short little family vaca, just the three of us. Can't wait!!

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