Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank you Thursdays!

My thank you Thursday post is simple. I am thankful for these two people that are in my life. It's the small things that make my heart melt. I was getting ready yesterday in the bathroom and out of the mirror, I saw my husband kiss Bailey on the head as she woke up. So simple but it just absolutely melted my heart. While dating, you can pretty much tell what type of husband he will be but you have no idea what type of dad he will be until that day comes. I will just say...I lucked out..Bailey and I both did!


  1. Such a cute photo and something to be so thankful for. Thanks for linking up this week and Happy Thursday!

  2. what a sweet post! and adorable photo! so glad you joined us this week!! happy thursday;)

  3. Cute photo! Family is the best!